KD Cowell & Assoc can "Certify" your SMART Vehicle Application. This is Step 6 in a 9 Step process BUT you may wish to contact Ken before you embark on the SMART Vehicle Application process, for a no-obligation chat about your vehicle requirements. home2 From the NHVR website:

About Performance-Based Standards

The Performance-Based Standards (PBS) Scheme offers the heavy vehicle industry the potential to achieve higher productivity and safety through innovative and optimised vehicle design. PBS vehicles are designed to perform their tasks as productively, safely and as sustainably as possible, and to operate on networks that are appropriate for their level of performance. The basic tenet of PBS is matching the right vehicles to the right roads. PBS vehicles are tested against 16 stringent safety standards and four infrastructure standards to ensure they fit the existing road network and are safe. The scheme has been in operation since October 2007.