Consultant Heavy Vehicle Engineer, PBS Certifier and Training Specialist, servicing commercial vehicle industry stakeholders and operators

Ken Cowell is a road transport professional with over thirty years experience in the heavy commercial vehicles industry, the last seven being a Specialist Consultant for various industry stakeholders and the CVIAQ National Policy Director.

Ken has formal qualifications in Engineering and Management, and can easily translate the “technical stuff” into layman’s terms to suit each project.

His ability for developing and adapting future market directions and motivating a team to consistently meet and exceed targets, has lead him to develop strong relationships with truck fleets, manufacturers, Government bodies and Industry Associations alike.

Companies such as CVIAQ, Mercedes Benz AP, Scania, Volvo Bus, UD, Hino Australia, GHD and various trailer manufacturers have partnered with Ken to utilise his unique skills set and wide network.

Ken is an active member and participant in a number of projects and commercial work groups including:-

  • National Policy & ADR Review
  • Performance Based Standards
  • Higher Productivity Vehicles
  • Facilitator for Industry Conferences
  • Business process and technical remediation
  • Vehicle Evaluations
  • The Mathematics of Truck Sales Training Package
  • Body Builder Orientation for Truck Sales
  • Truck & Trailer Purchase Advice

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